Bill Buchman Figure Drawing and the art of abstract painting
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DVD Topics & Demos:
  • Visual Creativity
  • Spontaneous Watercolor Techniques
  • Crayon & Brush Techniques
  • The Big Gesture
  • Mixed Media Resist
  • Splash Techniques
  • Jazzy Pastels
  • Oil Pastels
  • Thinking in Shapes
  • and more...

Color/95 minutes,
aspect ratio 4:3,
zone free,
format: NTSC

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I started making my first abstract paintings in the 1960’s. It was difficult to know where to begin or how to proceed because there was no one to show me the way. Through the years, by study and experimentation, and fortunate meetings with many knowledgeable artists and teachers, I have developed an approach that is fun, exciting and that works. I made this DVD, Creative Breakout: The Art of Freedom” to make available my experiences, discoveries and ideas to those with an interest in experiencing painting at its most creative and adventurous. Scientific research shows that you learn more from seeing how something is done than from merely reading about it. If you are interested in exploring the expressive power of line, shape and color while at the same time pushing the envelope of your own creative possibilities... if you’ve always been curious about the inner workings and simple secrets of the creative process then come join me through my DVD on a journey into the world of creativity. You will be encouraged and empowered as I show you how to dare to create what will go beyond your expectations. And guess what! That’s where all the best stuff happens.

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