A revolutionary new approach to drawing the human figure

Figure Drawing Instruction Book
Figure Drawing Instruction Book
“Expressive Figure Drawing – New Materials, Concepts and Techniques”, published by Watson- Guptill, a subsidiary imprint of Random House/Crown Books, is available through the Amazon website link below and in worldwide distribution.
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“Expressive Figure Drawing”: Throughout the history of art, figure drawing has been regarded as the very foundation of an artist’s education and the center of the art-making process. “Expressive Figure Drawing – New Materials, Concepts, and Techniques” presents the classic fundamentals of this genre but with a distinctly contemporary twist – celebrating freedom, expressiveness, and creativity. This unique method incorporates more than 30 essential exercises, empowering you to draw the figure dramatiaclly and with confidence, no matter your current level of skill. Filled with step by step demonstrations, inspiring images, and insightful text revealing a wide range of techniques and concepts, this book presents new ways to think about the figure.

Learning To Draw: Learning to draw is about learning how to see, understand, and imagine. “Expressive Figure Drawing” proposes fresh ways to do this through exciting and helpful concrete concepts and techniques widely used by professionals. These are explained in easy to understand terms and richly illustrated with color drawings and demonstrations. Everyone has an “artist within” trying to come to the surface. Learning to draw the figure and explore the endless possibilities of this splendid subject is one of the greatest ways of getting in touch with this “inner artist”. It is also one of the best ways of building a foundation for doing every kind of art. In “Expressive Figure Drawing “, the act of making creative, expressive, and inspired drawings and learning the fundamentals of figure drawing are combined into one pleasurable “awakening” process.

A Complete Figure Drawing Program: This book offers a complete program of foundational techniques, observational principles, and attitudinal skills for learning how to draw the human figure expressively and with confidence. It features 200 color illustrations and includes 30 demonstrations, Whether one is interested in the expressive approach, the realistic approach, or a combination of the two, this book provides much guidance and help that does not exist elsewhere. It will be very helpful to college teachers of figure drawing and their students. Artists at every level from first timers to advanced professionals will be able to find a treasure trove of valuable lessons in this book.

The Drawing Learning Process: This book offers much that is different from what has appeared before on this subject. It lays out a program for developing the confidence that is necessary to draw well and it teaches the foundational techniques, observational principles, and thinking and attitudinal skills that actually will enable one to do this! It encourages a poetic and even, a spiritual approach to the subject of figure drawing and covers many psychological aspects of the drawing learning process that have rarely or never been addressed in figure drawing instruction texts. This includes presenting simple Zen drawing concepts for the first time in Western terms. This book also clarifies and takes further many of the basic concepts found in leading figure drawing instruction by authors such as Nicoliades, Kaupelis, and Speed. And it presents one of the simplest, most effective, and most accessible structural systems ever invented.

The Ideal of Expressive Figure Drawing:  In today’s world, we have reached the point, thank goodness, where it is widely accepted that there is no one absolute right way of drawing or of how things ought to look. In the Chinese canon of art there is a precept known as “pictorial reality”. The concern is not outward representation per se, but rather a sense of aliveness. It is about capturing the Ch’i, the “spirit” of your subject. It is the idea that the picture itself should actually be alive as possible and alive in the way that that your subject is alive – with feeling and character. This is the ideal of expressive drawing. In this volume, you will find easy-to-understand explanations and effective techniques for capturing the figure in all of its beauty, aliveness and expressivity and for expanding all your artistic skills in the process!


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